Purchase Agreement

All images on this website are copyrighted material.
Copies of digital photographs are available to license for personal use as a downloaded file. This file may be used for printing, emailing, social networking and other personal uses. This file may not be used for editorial or commercial use. (including, but not limited to, advertising/marketing of products or services, usage in newspapers, magazines, catalogues).
This is a licensing agreement and not a sale of the image. This license allows you to make prints from this file, and to use the image for any other personal use, but does not grant any copyright to the image. NonLeaguePhotos.com ('the site') and any photographers who upload content to the site maintain all copyright to images. Other than the use or uses expressly listed above, no other use of the image(s) is authorized and any other use is specifically prohibited without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Should image(s), whether obtained through download, screen capture or other methods of obtaining content from this website be used without permission, the user of such content agrees, by virtue of such unauthorized use, to pay the copyright holder of that content a retroactive licensing fee in the amount of  £500 (five hundred Pounds Sterling) per occurrence of such use.

It is agreed that downloads from the nonleaguephotos.com site may be used for commercial purposes such as (but not limited to) advertising campaigns and website promotion. Permission for this purpose needs to be obtained from the nonleaguephotos.com site using the Contact Us tab above and BEFORE any downloads or payment made.
You will need to provide Company name and intended use of the images. The photographer may use or quote any such advertising campaign or website promotion or other commercial use in his/her own portfolio as examples of their work.
As with downloads for personal use, downloading from the nonleaguephotos.com site does not imply a transfer of the copyright of the image merely a licence to use that image for as long as the downloader requires.