How to Upload Photos


Firstly. I know most Club Photographers take a LOT of photos at each game. PLEASE don't upload 300 pictures of a match. This isn't a 'rule'  just a 'suggestion'! My suggestion would be a maximum of 20 of your best photos. This fits very nicely onto a single album page. It's a showcase of your work, not a complete collection!
Secondly. You should upload photos unwatermarked and at original size. The site adds a watermark and your photos are offered for digital download so should be as big as possible. Dimensions and file sizes are listed to users under each photo.
Thirdly. If you add File Info to your photos (and you really should if you don't) then all this will be picked up when you upload and fields such as Author, description and keywords will be displayed for each picture. If you don't then you can add them manually if you want. 
Finally, bear in mind that you are uploading photo files to the website and upload speeds are normally nowhere near as fast as download speeds. If your files are 5 or 6MB each, you want to upload 20 of them and you have a slow connection then that may take some time. You can always save your photos at a slightly lower quality setting (there is no noticeable difference in quality) and that will speed things up.
So how to add photos...... it sounds complicated when it's written down but it really isn't......... Remember you can delete or edit anything you upload so don't be worried if something doesn't go as planned......
Log into your Photographers Account and click 'Add New Photos' from the left hand menu
You may get a Java Security Warning about the Photo Loader because it has to access the photos on your hard drive. Don't worry it's completely safe, just click the checkbox and Run. Java is run 'client side' ie on your own computer so it depends on your browser and/or anti virus settings as to whether you get this warning or not.
The 'Upload New Media' window will appear. Just drag and drop your photo files into it. You can do them one at a time or you can just drag them all as a batch if you like.
Click Start and your photos will now be uploaded. You may have to tell Java again that you really do know what you're doing if a popup window (which may be hidden behind your browser) appears - just click the Don't Block option.
When complete the 'Add Media Details' window will appear. There are a number of different tabs here so each one is explained:
'Album' - This is optional but it's a good idea to create one to put your new photos in because the site will then create a unique URL that you can use to link to that album. Good for posting on Facebook or Twitter or a website. You can call it whatever you want. I usually call it Date - 'Team X v Team Y'
 'Galleries' - it's IMPORTANT that you add your new photos to a gallery so click the Galleries tab. They are sorted by League > Season so just click the right season for the Gallery you want. So in other words you will always click on a Season under the category you want and NOT on the category itself.
'Details' - give your new photos a title which will normally be Date - Team X v Team Y (same as your album name). Without a description site visitors will not see your photos in site search results unless you already have File Info for each photo as merntioned above. . You can add keywords etc if you want which again helps with searches.
'Pricing' - The site only sells digital downloads. Untick the checkbox if you DON'T want to offer digital downloads of your photos. But I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to!
Click Save and the process is complete! Close the pop up that tells you everything is completed and if you now click on My Photos in the left menu you will see your new Album in the list.
Any problems and you will notice that as member you have a Support Tickets option in the left hand menu. Just click on that to open a ticket.
Happy Uploading!