FAQ's Photographers

Why should I upload my non league photos to this site?

As a photographer you want to get your photos 'out there', for people to actually see them. This site is part of a small network that already receives high daily traffic from people interested in non league football and will be heavily promoted on those sites. That should ensure that photos are seen by many people who otherwise wouldn't know they exist.

How do I upload photos?

Firstly you will need a Photographers Account. Then see the upload instructions page in the menu to the left. It's really important that you read these upload instructions to get the best out of the site and to ensure that your photos come up in site searches.

Why do I have to pay a £5 Setup fee for a Photographers Account?

When you upload photos I want them to appear on the site immediately. I don't want to have to manually approve each and every photo and you don't want them sitting in a queue for days waiting for me to do so. Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, this could lead to people uploading advertising logos or other such unwanted matierial such as Debbie in Dallas(!). The only way to deter these undesirables from making accounts that they can upload from is to charge a nominal fee for doing so.

Charging a small fee presumably ensures that only serious non league photographers will create an account. I can set the software to auto-approve your photos so they are on the site instantly, and you can get a link to your album straight away. As an added bonus all comments, tags, ratings etc from a Photographers Account are also auto-approved. You cannot rate or comment on your own photos though as that defeats the purpose!

I had originally intended to make this fee refundable. Unfortunately the software will not track who has been refunded and who has not and neither my book keeping nor memory skills will do the job! Consequently the setup fee is non-refundable but lets be honest if you only sell one download you virtually get it back.

The Site offers downloads - will I sell any?

I have no idea! I'm sure that over the course of the coming season the site will steadily grow in terms of traffic numbers as long as enough photographers start uploading to it. I can't predict how visitors to the site will react, I would just encourage you to upload your photos and look on any download sales as a bonus.

Do I set my own price for the downloads?

No, the price is set by the site. This is because site visitors can buy 'download bundles' and they may not use all of their downloads on a single photographer. For that reason there has to be a single price across the whole site.

How much do I get paid for my downloads?

The site will pay the photographer 80% commission on single photo downloads, which is nearer 85% if you account for the PayPal processing fee. On all downloads that are part of a 'download bundle' the site will pay the photographer a flat rate £4.00 commission per download. This equates to a commission rate of between about 80% and near enough 100%, again after PayPal has taken its cut. I don't mind paying 100% commission because basically the site wasn't set up to primarily make me money and in any case, I am putting my own uploads on it and I don't need to pay myself commission :)

What is the minimum payout?

There isn't one. You can request a payout after a single download if you want it. Payments are made direct to your PayPal account or by cheque. If by cheque I will deduct the postage from it. Just open a Support Ticket to request a payout.

Can I sell prints from the site aswell as downloads?

The site only offers downloads. Not all photographers have the facilities to produce prints and those that do will have differing standards and pricing which just makes things a whole lot more complicated. There is however a Photographers Page in the top menu which lists all photographers that upload to the site. As a photographer you can make a link to your online gallery in your bio so that visitors can click on that if they want to buy prints directly from you instead of a download.

Are there copyright issues if I sell the original digital file?

The copyright to the image stays with you, the photographer. Anyone who purchases a download agrees to a Purchase Agreement which says that they are buying a licence to use the image purely for their own personal use. In other words, they do not own it.

I have more questions

If you already have a Photographers Account you can open a Support Ticket from the left hand menu which I will answer as quickly as possible. If you do not yet have a Photographers Account you can use the Contact Form available in the top menu and I will get back to you.