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I started taking non league football photos in about 2005. First as a club photographer for my local club and the last few seasons as a roving photographer for the Non League Paper

As I travel around different Grounds I see a lot of club photographers out there who take decent pics, hardly any of which ever get seen, which is such a shame. OK so they give them to the clubs website or local paper maybe. A few of them have an online Gallery or Flickr account but it's probably unlikely that anyone other than the clubs own fans will look at it.

So I thought, would it not be a good idea to have a central resource they could upload them to? Then anyone who wanted to look at non league photos could do so and it would also create a unique central image gallery of the non league game. I couldn't find anything like that currently on the internet so nonleaguephotos.com was born for the start of the 2013/2014 season.

Primarily it's a gallery site but there is also the option to buy the digital image aswell in which case the photograher earns commission of up to 100% which is a nice bonus! Whether you are here to upload photos or just to look at them, I hope you enjoy the site.


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